1/5/10/20/50pcs Medinis Žiedas Natūralaus Medžio Kramtyti Karoliukai Mediniai Žiedas Vaikų Žaislas Vaikams "PASIDARYK pats" Mediniai Papuošalai Priėmimo Amatų 11 Dydis

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portugalija madeira, užsakymą medžio kubeliai, mediniais ornamentais išraižytas, kaukė madera, medinės, amatų medienos, 32 colių lcd skydelis, klijų pistoletas stendas, blank wooden, alavo įspūdį medienos

1/5/10/20/50pcs Wooden Ring Natural Wood Teething Beads Wooden Ring Children Toy Kids DIY Wooden Jewelry Making Crafts 11 Size


100% Brand new!

The wooden ring is made of carefully selected logs, with smooth surface and no paint.It is healthy and environmentally friendly and can be used safely.

Wooden ring is one of multi-functional great arts and crafts.Smooth surface do not have huge knots or rough spots, so won't stab your hands, providing you comfortable touch feeling and look beautiful.Great for all kinds of craft projects.

Unfinished wooden rings, can be painted, stained or embellished as you want and need; DIY your own personalized wood rings.

Good for various craft projects, such as DIY jewelry making, crocheted Christmas wreath ornaments, painted ornaments, small picture frame ornaments, etc.

The surface of the wooden ring is easy to clean, you only need to wipe it gently with a towel.It is easy to hang or combine with various decorative ornaments and can be reused.


Material: Wood

Color: As picture shows

Outer Diameter: Approx. 15mm/0.59", 20mm/0.79", 25mm/0.98", 35mm/1.38", 40mm/1.57", 45mm/1.77", 55mm/2.17", 60mm/2.36", 65mm/2.56", 70mm/2.76", 100mm/3.94"


Please allow tiny size deviations due to human measurement.

Due to the effect of light and monitor's brightness, there may be slight differences between the color tone of the photo and the actual item!

Package Included

1/5/10/20/50 x Wooden Rings

Fearture EQH289 Medinis Žiedas
Kilmės KN(Kilmės)
Produkto Tipas Nebaigtas Medienos

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